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New Artist / Director whom also needs female voices.

2010-02-23 10:21:32 by Kyutwo

Hello, it's Kyutwo / Q2. Used to go by "Q2 the 5th Mewtwo". Now I just simply go by the pronounciation of Q2.

I've always been to this place but this is the first time I decided to contribute my animations to the site. "Aeris Dies" being the first.

About me, I'm an animation graduate with too many ideas, so it's about time I let some loose. One of them, a fandub instead of animation, was The DubSpace Emissary.

Currently I want to work on original characters for animated shorts while I work on a major animation idea I've had for the past few years.

I currently need female voices for these 4 characters. I might extend auditions if I feel I haven't gotten the right voices yet.

That's all I can think of for now. See you guys, later.


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2010-02-23 11:27:26

Wish you luck.


2010-02-23 14:23:30

For voice actors you can use this thread to check artists advertising their voice acting ( 16630) and/or you can use this thread to put up a request for voice actors and let actors come to you ( 16629).


2010-02-23 15:29:31

You're a great animator man :)
I got a funny short idea, but i cant animate :(
if your interested gimme a holler