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Oh yes. The major project I mentioned before.

2010-02-23 18:02:20 by Kyutwo

This is a preview of it, though I'm not quite finished with it.

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I'll try to keep working on this as much as I can.


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2010-02-24 00:14:36

holy sh1t dude that video must be sh1ting awards and gold and crap becuase that was wicked awesome:D
is it a movie or a game?(please a movieXD)
dude i dont know who the heck the other people are but i like the plant evil smile on sneak up and also i know pretty much all the mario stuff but seriously what were the other characters and why were they attacking the island?
oh and who was the horned guy i never saw him before:P
but anyways cant wait to see this:3


2010-02-24 15:26:18

You Been Touch By... You Been Licked By... A Smooth Criminal!!!!!


2010-02-24 20:17:04

Aeris Dies?Really?Lmao.....a real hentai site,was that really neccesary?


2010-02-24 21:32:34

how it that about tetris?


2010-02-25 16:01:09

Too much of a preview, this makes me have great expectations about this project. Wish you luck again.


2010-03-22 19:18:10

wow, kinda gutsy using a REAL site in there dont ya think? Anyway you did a great job with that


2010-06-21 00:27:36

im like 3 months late on this comment but tetris attack is the MOST mother fuking epic game ever made.. anyone who says otherwise has obviously not played it. Making a series about the game is nothing but pure brilliance.

well done mate =).


2010-10-30 16:09:37

um... well.. i no ur stil doing that but...
for another trailer if u make it could u mind if u do put tetris... just wondering...


2011-02-19 14:45:40

this looks soo LEET dude cant wait for it