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Sorry for the pause in the flash movie.

2010-12-06 18:33:25 by Kyutwo

I was made aware and I fixed the problem. I'm waiting for Newgrounds to update the new version.


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2010-12-07 19:59:02

No apologies needed, I never had a problem with it to begin with and I saw it on the day of the submission. I think it took a lot of talent and a lot of hard work went into that flash.

I was and still am astonished that the score isn't much higher than it is. Congratulations that flash was epic and well done. all those people who put low scores are mostly wanna be flash makers and have no real talent of their own and to make fun of hard work...I personnaly don't know why their is so much hate for the anime stereotype as I think its well done. (I think its jealousy)


2010-12-08 15:55:52

wow hard work pays off I love how she kills the dog in the end it was epic. I wish I could drow like most people but that's not me so ya. Good job.